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Clutter-Free: How to Clean Your Makeup Collection

Clutter-Free: How to Clean Your Makeup Collection

Spring has sprung, Spectrum darlings! The sun’s out, the days are longer and yes, the urge to spring-clean is real!


It’s the perfect time of year to declutter your makeup and make sure your collection is ready to go for the season ahead. Spending a little time clearing out what you no longer need and taking care of what you have will not only be good for the soul but can help the environment too.

At Spectrum HQ, we’re ready to welcome all the joys of spring. Join us on our clutter-free journey with the following guide to cleaning your makeup collection.

Shop your existing collection

If you’re as obsessed with beauty products as we are, it’s likely you have a pretty hefty collection. But ask yourself this, do you use it all? It’s easy to build up a collection of makeup that doesn’t get used, especially if you tend to stick to the same colours and looks.

This is the perfect excuse to shop your own collection and rediscover some hidden gems. Get everything out, including your brush sets and accessories, and have fun swatching away. It’s a good way to see which colours you love and which ones are no longer your cup of tea.

Does makeup expire?

Believe it or not, makeup does expire! If some of yours are past their best, it’s time for them to go. Check the back of your product for the PAO (Period After Opening) symbol, which tells you how many months you can use your product after opening. Once your product has hit this period, it’s time for it to go. 

Get rid of what you no longer want or need

After shopping your collection, you’ll probably find that you’re left with some products you no longer want or need. The good news is you have options for what to do with them:

  • The new, or as good as new: re-sell, gift to friends and family or donate to a charity like Beauty Banks.
  • The used, but still with enough to make use of: gift to friends or your little sister or niece who’s just started playing with makeup.
  • The empty or nearly empty: recycle the packaging and dispose of them responsibility.

With your collection condensed to just the things you love and need, you’ll feel much more serene and ready to have fun with your spring looks. 

Give everything a good scrub

Let’s face it, makeup is messy. It’s easy for your products to get dirty or dusty, especially if they’re well-used!

Start by cleaning your makeup brushes. We have some fantastic products to help make light work of your brush cleaning, including our Sea Salt and Vanilla Vegan Brush Soap. Regular cleaning keeps your brushes in great condition, helping your brushes last longer.

Next, it’s time to move onto your products themselves. A microfibre cloth and some micellar water are perfect for cleansing your palettes, tubes, cases and more, leaving everything looking fresh and good as new. Using a hand sanitiser while applying your makeup can also help keep your product bacteria-free, preventing some of the skincare issues caused by makeup and dirt build-up.

Invest in items that you know will last

If you now have some gaps in your collection, it’s time to invest in some new products for your collection. Be more selective with your products and choose items you know will last. A quality brush set is worth the investment, helping you create gorgeous makeup looks again and again.

How many makeup brushes do I need?

You’ll want a selection of makeup brushes to help you create different looks. A 10 piece essential brush set will contain a selection of eye brushes and face brushes, giving you the basic tools to create your look. You can add to your collection to help you create a range of beauty looks.

Makeup Brush Sets

Take a fresh approach to your beauty shopping, choosing products you’ll need and will get a lot of use out of. Our Core Cosmetics are the ultimate beauty staples, for a fresh-faced look that is perfect for every day.

Organise your stash

Here comes the fun part! Now you get to organise your makeup to make a feature of your dressing area, and make sure you can find everything you need.

How to store makeup

There isn’t a set way to store your makeup - choose a method that works best for you! Using a selection of drawers, organisers and trays can help you keep things visible and tidy. It will also help to keep them dust-free! 

Our acrylic storage accessories are perfect for giving you some storage options for your brushes and products. Why not treat yourself to give your space a glow up?

How to organise your makeup vanity

Organise your makeup vanity in a way that makes sense for you. You might want to make your daily products easier to reach as they’ll be the ones you use the most. You can then organise the rest of your collection by type of product, with different drawers for eye, face and lip products.

Making sure you have a space for everything will keep your collection neat and organised, making getting ready a breeze!

How to organise my makeup

When it comes to organising makeup, make sure you can see everything clearly. Clear makeup storage is great for helping you see different products and their shades, or you’ll forget about them! 

Put everything back after you’ve used it, it will help you keep on top of everything and stop your space from becoming cluttered again.

Store your fave makeup and brushes on the go, in a chic makeup bag, roll or case.

Makeup Case

Display it proudly

Your beauty collection deserves to be in the limelight, so why not put your prettiest pieces on display? Use makeup trays and pots to keep everything in order and add other items like perfume bottles and jewellery to add a stylish touch. A beautiful beauty space will lift your spirits and make getting ready one of the highlights of your day.

Spring-cleaning your makeup is a great way to show some love to your makeup collection, and to yourself! You’ll feel great once it’s done and ready to go with all of your favourite spring looks! Check out our bestsellers ready for the season ahead.