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Everyday works of art

Innovation meets Elegance

Discover the Sculpt Brush Collection

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With Sculpt comes the launch of a new, ultra-high quality collection of elegantly timeless tools, for those who demand no less than elite performance and design form their makeup brushes.

Seamlessly blending classic makeup artistry with modern technique and the latest in tool technology, Sculpt elevates the ordinary with exceptional sculpt brushes developed by globally renowned makeup artist Ash K Holm and industry leading brush brand Spectrum.

After years in the making, Sculpt brushes are ready to be discovered and coveted by all, from industry insiders to pro artists and beauty lovers seeking the best tools with which to create everyday works of art.

Ash K Holm

"I've been constantly testing and tweaking my Sculpt brushes behind the scenes for close to 3 years with the Spectrum team and I'm so excited my perfect brush set is finally a reality.

I'm passionate about my work and only the best brushes make it into my kit. I hope you love creating works of art with them as much as I have loved creating these tools."

The latest in Tool Technology

30 Piece Sculpt Brush Set

A professionally curated selection of 30 exceptional tools developed by globally renowned artist Ash K Holm with innovation and artistry at the core.

Antibacterial treatment to fibres

This industry-leading treatment can effectively block and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria attached to the surface of the brush fibres.

Luxture© Synthetic Natural Hair

Revolutionary synthetic fibers perfectly mimic the texture and cuticles of animal hair to deliver the highest performance and finish.

Vegan & Cruelty-free

The Sculpt Brush Collection is made with revolutionary synthetic fibres designed to mimic animal hair whilst being 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Coated Copper Ferrule

Copper is a harder, stronger and more durable material than aluminium to ensure your Sculpt brushes are quality tools, built to last.

Tapered FSC Wooden Handles

Each wooden Sculpt brush handle is handcrafted from sustainably sourced materials that support responsible forestry.

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Available to shop exclusively on 30th September.

After years in the making, Sculpt is ready to be discovered and coveted by all, from industry insiders to pro artists and beauty lovers seeking the best tools with which to create everyday works of art.

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Behind the Scenes

Sculpt Brush Guide

No. 01 - The Body Brush

The perfect finish should also extend beyond the complexion. The Body Brush is designed to apply bronzer or highlighter for sculpting and illuminating the body, with a large paddle shape and gently domed bristles for even application.

No. 02 - The Powder Brush

For masterful application of any powder product, The Powder Brush is multi-functional by design and works perfectly with bronzers, complexion and blush products at any stage of your beauty routine.

No. 03 - The Duo Fibre Brush

Two textures of hair are combined with The Duo Fiber brush, making it easy to achieve that coveted ‘no makeup’ look with a natural, dewy finish. Designed for sheer coverage with cream foundation to show a little more skin.

No. 04 - The Base Brush

Choose your level of coverage with The Base Brush. The cascading shape of the bristles allows you to sweep or press product onto skin for sheer, medium or full coverage. Build to your desired finish.

No. 05 - The Sculpt Brush

A perfectly sculpted look requires precision in placement and application. The meticulously angled head of The Sculpt Brush has been crafted to hug every curve of the face for an easy-to-achieve contour.

No. 06 - The Illumination Brush

The Illumination Brush does just that, perfect for brightening and setting under-eyes with powder or subtly diffusing highlighter on high points of the face to achieve that glow-from-within finish.

No. 07 - The Foundation Brush

A flawless base should be undetectable, with The Foundation Brush that elusive finish is made achievable. The secret is in the bristles which gently and evenly apply product without the need to over-work, for the most skin-like coverage.

No. 08 - The Definition Brush

For artful placement of cream or powder product, The Definition Brush is designed to add depth to contour and place powder only where needed for a HD finish worthy of a red carpet.

No. 09 - The Universal Brush

A brush for every type of application, be that blush, foundation, powder or highlight. The Universal Brush is designed to be just that, a go-to for a multitude of makeup needs and an essential in every kit.

No. 10 - The Perfect Ten

For precision application across the complexion, The Perfect Ten is a dense, flat brush designed for placement of cream or powder product on desired areas of the face for that final finishing touch.

No. 11 - The Setting Brush

Once you’ve applied your perfect concealer, it should stay in place day to night. The Setting Brush allows you to lightly layer powder under the eyes, whilst avoiding over application.

No. 12 - The Concealer Brush

Delicate skin deserves the softest brush, The Concealer Brush works beautifully to gently apply product without pulling the skin. The soft bristles and curved head allow you to build coverage where needed or lightly conceal dark shadows.

No. 13 - The Smudge Brush

With a wide, flat head designed to push product into the lash line and intensify colour, The Smudge Brush is the tool of choice for a deep, diffused smokey eye.

No. 14 - The Diffuser Brush

With a unique shape perfect for both application and blending, The Diffuser Brush is multi-function by design. Shade, blend, and deepen colour in the crease effortlessly without any harsh lines.

No. 15 - The Blend Brush

Designed to diffuse product beautifully onto delicate areas of the face, The Blend Brush is superior when it comes to softening any edges or creating that coveted flawless blend for concealer, eyeshadow or contour.

No. 16 - The Shader Brush

The flat yet fluffy head of The Shader Brush makes application of creams or powder eyeshadow effortless. Simply sweep or pat product with the flat side and blend to achieve that professional finish.

No. 17 - The Short Shader Brush

A tool perfect for efficiently packing on colour, The Short Shader makes quick work of applying and smudging pigment and finessing until you have a masterfully blended finish. The shorter, denser version of No.16.

No. 18 - The Tapered Brush

The tall, flared bristles of The Tapered Brush are designed for effortlessly blending multiple shades for the perfect transition of colour. Sweep back and forth for an undetectable blend.

No. 19 - The Spot Concealer Brush

For when you need precision coverage, The Spot Concealer Brush allows you to apply product only where needed to disguise any blemish. Firm, flat bristles make easy work of screening the smallest imperfections.

No. 20 - The Lip Brush

Apply product with ease and precision, or clean up edges with The Lip Brush. Firm, flat bristles shaped into a delicate peak allow for the most intricate lip work, or simply to pay product into the centre for a fuller pout.

No. 21 - The Multi Brush

Every kit needs this mini but mighty tool, The Multi Brush is designed to perform for so many functions use it how you will for lip, eye or complexion. The firm, flat and slightly rounded bristles will be some of the hardest working in your set.

No. 22 - The Crease Brush

For deepening and adding definition to eye looks, The Crease Brush makes it easy to intensify colour in the contour of the eye for a more dramatic effect. The bristles form a soft point so blend with precision without over working product.

No. 23 - The Mini Tapered Brush

With super soft bristles that gently flare out, The Mini Tapered Brush is small enough to delicately blend through a spectrum of shades for a multi-tonal finish.

No. 24 - The Pencil Brush

The dense, rounded bristles of The Pencil Brush allow artists to create shape with light and shade around the eyes. Choose to intensify colour in the lash line, the crease, or highlight the inner corner, this brush is a tool for many options.

No. 25 - The Precision Brush

When you need a flat edge for fine work, choose The Precision Brush. The straight cut of the hair makes easy work of tidying up lines around the lips, the eyes, or adding product onto the waterline without irritation.

No. 26 - The Angled Brush

Create that winged feline look at the outer corners of eyes, The Angled Brush with firm, precise bristles is designed to work with powder or cream pigments to draw lines upwards and outwards, exaggerating and enlarging the eyes.

No. 27 - The Micro Shader Brush

For delicately blending the most detailed eye looks, The Micro Shader allows you to soften any edges without over blurring and losing definition. The softly rounded tip fits perfectly under lashes or in the crease, simply to soften and finish.

No. 28 - The Brow Brush

Sharpness and precision define The Brow Brush. Firm, exacting bristles allow artists to create a naturally fuller looking brow with individual strokes, and a spooly end for finishing means every hair will be perfectly placed.

No. 29 - The Micro Tapered Brush

Artists know it’s all about the detail, with The Micro Tapered Brush the tiniest of areas will never look unfinished. Blend like a professional with confidence that even on a close-up, your work will look perfect.

No. 30 - The Fineline Brush

The super-fine yet flexible tip of The Fine Line Brush is designed for creating that iconic liner look. When dipped in product you can draw with precision to define, elongate or exaggerate the eyes.