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6 Perfect Festive Makeup Looks

6 Perfect Festive Makeup Looks

The holiday season is all about channeling winter vibes and creating glam looks that match the colors of the time of year. Whether you’re looking for your perfect red, want some drama with your eggnog or fancy green eyes like the Grinch, we’ve got six looks that will always see you through the holidays.

  1.     Red lips and a natural look

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a little dash of red. And your lips are the perfect place to focus. You want your lips to pop, so it always works to keep the rest of your look natural. Here’s how you do it:

-          Use a foundation with sheer coverage or a tinted moisturizer as your base.

-          Mix in a little liquid highlighter for some extra glow.

-          Contour your cheekbones and around your eyes. Think subtle and less is more.

-          Add some brow gel and mascara.

-          And now for the final flourish. We think a deep red or burgundy lipstick is the perfect way to channel Christmas confidence.

Natural, sexy and ready to light up the holidays all night.

You can also make a classic red lipstick look that bit edgier with a little black eyeliner on the lower lash line. Keeping the liner on the outer third of your eyes makes them look wide open and brings a ‘60s vibe to your look.

  1.     Red and gold

Red and gold are classic Christmas tones, and they’re the perfect match for a Christmas makeup look. You’ve already nailed the red lipstick look, but to glam it up a little, we’re all about throwing in some shimmering gold makeup too. And whilst it’s easy to opt for gold eyeshadow, drape your cheeks in gold highlighter instead for a perfect holiday glow.

  1.     Red glitter eye makeup

Silver glitter brings the sparkle for events like prom, but for some festive glam you can’t go wrong with red glitter eye makeup. Your shimmery lids will catch everyone’s attention and pick up the light for those all-important holiday photos. It’s a super easy look to execute too and one you can recreate for holiday parties and New Years as well. Or why not just a simple red glitter wing?

We’re here for shimmering green eye shadow too for a look with a little Grinch, but plenty of holiday fun. This might not be as appropriate for work but is great for a Christmas party or night out. 

  1.     Super glam smokey eye

Nothing brings the drama quite like a smokey eye.

Getting the right smokey eye is all about working with your face shape. Focus the dark colors on the lash line and the outer third and keep the lightest tones on the inner corner. You’ll get that elevated shape you want, and your eyes will keep their size.

Use a smudger brush to blend and create that hazy effect we all love. Add false lashes that are thicker and longer at the ends to nail the look.

To make it even more extra, elongate the shape out to the brow bone for all the drama.

  1.     Glitter wings

Exaggerated glitter wings are a stunning holiday makeup look and way easier to pull off than you think. First create your base with a glitter glue or cream eye shadow and use a piece of tape to get a sharp edge.

While the base is still tacky, pat on some loose glitter with your finger, then pull off the tape and use it to pick up any stray glitter around your eyes. Throw on a little lip gloss and you’re ready to step out the door for your next party.

You can go red, green or silver for some holiday sparkle.

  1.     Winter pastel shades

Pretty pastels were one of the looks for spring this year, but they work just as well in winter too. Pastel eye shadows in winter colors like ice blue or lavender are perfect for the holiday season (did anyone say cold girl makeup?!). And if you want to keep it a little more subtle, opt for pastel eyeliner instead. Don’t forget your liner brush to apply your liner to your upper and lower lash lines to nail the look every time. This is a more subtle look so could be a great look for when you’re in work but want something to transition into the evening with ease. 

Whatever your go-to holiday makeup look, you’ll be picture perfect and ready to hit the Christmas parties this holiday season.



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